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Viruses – Are you covered?

Why be worried?

Did you know that over 40% of households have some kind of virus on their PC / laptop?

This is a very scary number and I wonder what the percentage is of that number who actually know they have a virus?

In this day and age, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have virus protection installed on your computer. There are lots of good, free anti-virus packages out there and personally I like the Avast! product.

If you have a virus on your PC, you could be giving the following information to hackers

  • Passwords
  • Banking Details
  • Personal information such as date of birth, mother’s maiden name, your home address or telephone number

All this information is very valuable to a hacker because they can either gain access to your bank accounts or other online services, or they can clone your identity and then go on a spending spree with fake credit cards.

How do I know if I’m infected?

Well, sometimes you don’t. Hackers are very devious and they want to get access to your computer without you knowing. They haven’t done their job properly if they get detects as they won’t be able to get any meaningful data from you.

The tell-tale signs of an infection are:

  • Lots of strange pop-ups when browsing, including dodgy content
  • Internet Explorer / Chrome crashing or locking up
  • Internet running really slowly
  • Not going to the page you clicked on when using search engines
  • Strange messages on your PC screen

Our Virus Removal Services

Computageeks offer a fixed-fee virus removal service for £50.00

It works like this:

  • We come and collect your PC and take it to our workshop.
  • We clean it up using a battery of anti-virus products.
  • We then return it clean and fully protected.
  • We’ll even install an industry leading free anti-virus package if yours is out of date / not working correctly.

We also offer a 30-day no re-infection guarantee, as long as you keep your software up to date and follow the guidelines we explain to you when we bring your computer back.

If your issue is more urgent, we also offer a bespoke virus removal service. We will visit your premises and remove the virus during our visit. This service will be charged at our usual call-out rates.

The virus threat is very real and shouldn’t be ignored. If you do think you are infected, then stop using your computer and give us a call. We can arrange a collection and get you cleaned up and back up in running very quickly.

Give us a call on 01245 526 528 to find out more about our virus removal services.